Interview Tips Direct from Oxford Faculty

December is officially upon us, which means INTERVIEW SEASON! Students around the globe are preparing for their Oxford interviews. If you’re looking to get an upper hand in your quest for Oxford admissions or Cambridge admissions, remember to browse our full archive for first-hand accounts from applicants that have already gone through the process.

And for additional tips, directly from Oxford faculty, check out this post from a blog dedicated to Oxford admissions:

“We look for potential wherever we can find it, whether in excellent exam results, a really good performance in an aptitude test, a great reference from a teacher, or interesting submitted written work. A student who’s really good on paper but then underperforms a bit at interview due to nerves is still a really good student, and they might still get a place at Oxford and go on to do really well here.” (Andrew Bell, Senior Tutor at University College)

“We go to great lengths to try and ensure that the interview process gives each candidate the best chance to show their ability, whatever their background. We agree on questions that will provoke interesting discussions, similar to a tutorial setting, and try to make students feel comfortable and at ease. We always start the interview by outlining how it will work and what we expect candidates to do” (Helen Swift, Director of Undergraduate Studies for Modern Languages and a tutor at St Hilda’s College)
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